Are you a medical or dental provider looking to upgrade your patient experience in a shorter span then definitely you should think about online patient intake software to make the patient intake as easy as possible. Because it’s the first step in the patient journey, if you fail to engage your patients on that itself then you can’t retain them for a long time.

Check out the reasons why you need to use an online patient intake software at your office.

Improved Patient Experience

Using a patient intake software system will help you increase the patient experience. Patients can complete their intake procedures remotely at their convenience. So it has a great impact on patient engagement that will result in increased practice revenue. So start using the best patient intake software in your medical/dental office to improve the patient experience instantly. It will result in positive patient reviews that help you to attract more new clients to your practice in no time.

 Avoid Waiting Room

 When patients enter your office first they have to complete the intake procedure then, they have to wait for their turn for a doctor's appointment. It's very crucial to reduce the waiting time of patients. It will make patients more frustrated which results in patient dissatisfaction. If you use the Medical Practice Management Software at your office then your patient can fill out their online intake forms at their convenience. So it will eliminate the waiting room usage. So your patients can visit your practice exactly at the time of their appointment to have a stress-free doctor consultation.

 Improve the Integrity of PHI

Storing patient health information in the medical office is very sensitive. Use HIPAA Compliant Online Intake Forms to secure the patient’s sensitive information. When you start to use software to handle Personal Health Information (PHI) it’s very easy for you to manage all the information in a single place. So you won’t lose any data hereafter. But you need to make sure it’s whether the software is HIPAA compliant or not. This will surely have a great impact on the patient experience. So don’t wait for the perfect time to upgrade your patient intake process. Choose the best patient intake software in the market such as GrowPractice and see the real-time difference instantly.

Address Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction is really important to have a great patient experience. As the patient intake process is the first phase in the patient journey, once you get a good impression from patients, then there won’t be any difficulty in achieving excellent patient care. The patient intake software system will make your patients complete their intake procedure in their available time. So they don’t need to visit your office before their appointment time to complete this intake procedure, and no need to wait in the long waiting queue for a long time to consult you. Offer an excellent patient experience to your patients without any effort.

Get rid of paper intake forms

Still most of the providers are using PDF intake forms at their office. It’s very difficult to store patient information in paper forms then that needs to be updated into the EHR system. Also you have to shred the papers after updating patient information in the EHR system. It’s very painful to interpret the patient’s handwriting. Most of the time there is a possibility to enter patient information wrongly. Also you have to invest quite thousands of dollars for papers and printing. It will also increase the work burden for your administrative staff. If you wish to have a streamlined office management then now is the best time to upgrade your patient intake system with a brand new HIPAA compliant online intake forms. Don’t procrastinate anymore. Improve your patient experience for a positive patient engagement that results in increased business growth.